Assorted Tales

Epiphany about a Dragonfly You motion in aesthetics…you glide gently as a ballerina…you soul of a poet…you verdant luxury…you marvel on wings…you sumptuous beauty…you ethereal beauty…you solace of compassion…you mystic lullaby…you maverick of poems…you ornament of dew…you pasture of a banquet…you serenade in echoes of passion. The Lottery Ticket I was in a shop inContinue reading “Assorted Tales”


The Lottery Seller As I was passing through small town, I saw lame men with lottery tickets in his hand. Moved out of pity, I brought a lottery ticket from him not because I wanted to win the prize but because I wanted to help him. My Wife and Mother They are both rude andContinue reading “Assorted”

Daily Journal

Sign as an ill, well named thing by crossing out makes a graphological paradox. Epiphany about the Sunset The sky is colored orange and purple. The sky is a vein of a Metaphoric haze. The birds in the are a symposium of a mystery. The sky is a beauty of a poem. The sky isContinue reading “Daily Journal”

Assorted Tales

The Corpse As I was traveling by the road, I came across a house from which a mournful singing was heard. So, I thought a funeral service was taking place. I did not know the person but I stopped my scooter and went inside. I did this because it is a good omen to seeContinue reading “Assorted Tales”


A message used to come to me by post and in it, it was said we are from Cambridge and we are making a biography of distinguished people in which you also are included and the charges are 100 Pounds. I became very enthused thinking that it was Cambridge where the famous university is located.Continue reading “Con”


Intoxicated Intoxicated an all-known word as an idiom stands for getting all wishes satisfied. Master Jesus, I would like to go through a phase of intoxication. Ecstasy Ecstasy as an idiom stands for success and prosperity. Master Jesus, motivate me to experience ecstasy. Weeding out Wedding out as an idiom stands for cleansing all sinContinue reading “Idioms”


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