Assorted Tales

Epiphany about a Dragon Fly

You are beauty adored as a poem. You are a loveable music floating in the pristine air. There now you perch on a plant and meditate in gentle splendor. You are a dream for the eyes, a passion for the soul, an ode for a poet. Nature in you is a book of life and a wellspring of passion. The tiny etchings on your wings are a rhythm of love. You carve the delicacies of space into a nirvana of depth.


Today is the draw for a bumper lottery. I was all day thinking I will win it. But sad to say when the results came, I came nowhere near any prize. I could not win a small prize. I feel disappointed and hurt and bear my angst with an optimism that things will work out well in the future.

Come my way

Come my way is a Malayalam idiom and it means to accept another’s opinion.

Yes, in my life, I have sometimes come my way.

From Facebook

Today, I read a comment by Oscar Wilde in Facebook and in it he said: ‘to live is the rarest thing in the world; most people just exist’. The more I thought about the quote, I became convinced that Oscar Wilde is being judgmental and prejudiced. He fails to distinguish between living and existence. Yes, life is made of a series of ups and downs and each individual has the right to choose the quality of life and hope for all things to turn out better in life.

Published by Anand Bose

I am a published author, a poet, novelist, and philosopher. I consider myself to be a disgruntled Hellenic Philistine, an existential nihilist, and a postmodern deconstructionist. I ontologize religions and I consider myself to be a gentile Jew and an Apologetic Christian

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