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Bodies floating in the Ganges It was in the news that bodies, probably of Covid victims were floating in the Ganges. Bodies floating in the Ganges as an idiom means a recurring problem. The recurring Covid virus is bodies floating in the Ganges. Tuning Tuning as an idiom means wooing a lover. I have doneContinue reading “Idioms”


Glow Worm Glow worm shines brightly/ Emitting an aura of green as/ Colors of harmony/ Twittering Bird Twittering bird sings/ A melody of harps and lyres/ A sound so sweetly/


Jazz Jazz as an idiom is a gift presented to a lover. I presented a Jazz necklace for my lover. Green Leaf Green leaf as an idiom stands for a lot of money. Who would not wish to have green leaves in their life? Keep Keep is a Malayalam idiom which stands for a ladyContinue reading “Assorted”

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