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Sayings of Beatnik Rabbi

Life is a theater of the Absurd, so celebrate the irony of life’s existence. Shame and guilt wear heavily on the soul. Reproach you are an intruder of the soul. Nihilism and negations are needed to surgicalize angst. Even my own relatives have written me off. I hate to beg for help even when IContinue reading “Sayings of Beatnik Rabbi”

Assorted Tales

Conversation I have completed a novel and I need money for publishing it. Finally, an idea came to me to contact my well-off cousin in Hong Kong. So, I phoned him up and I said to him that I need money to publish my book. He told me he is outside the house and asContinue reading “Assorted Tales”

Sayings of Beatnik Rabbi

The feeling of woe is the greatest art of self-discovery. Emotion is a Shakespearean drama. Only the soul can sing sonnets. I am a fictional self of many women that I have loved, the places I have visited, the books I have read, and the friends that I have made. Paper is a sanitary napkinContinue reading “Sayings of Beatnik Rabbi”

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